Qualified, Safe, Temporary Accommodation Registry

MFNO will qualify and profile temporary accommodations being offered by corporate and/or individual owners. Register here to beging the process. 


MFNO has a strict process for qualifying and registering temporary accommodations in Canada. Here are some of the factors to consider BEFORE beginning the process to ensure you qualify.

Your accommodation CAN NOT be registered if:

  • You rent and are not the owner
  • Your accommodation is outside of Canada
  • Your accommodation does not meet building codes
  • You or anyone in your accommodation has a criminal record or will not pass a vulnerable person police check
  • Your accommodation is not clean and healthy to live in

You CAN register your accommodation if:

  1. You and anyone in your unit submits a vulnerable persons police screening check
  2. You are prepared to accept temporary refugees for a minimum of 3 months in your accommodation
  3. You can demonstrate you have the means and capacity to donate the accommodation
  4. You are prepared to include an employment letter and references (some exceptions can apply)
  5. You are prepared to go through the MFNO assessment process which includes an interview and review of your accommodation (including photographing it).

MFNO has this process in place for both the refugee family's security and safety, as well as yours. MFNO's placement process attempts to closely match the needs of the refugee family to the correct accommodation. MFNO offers support, monitoring and continual assistance through this process and during occupancy as part of our supportive service offering.

Please proceed to start the process and register your accommodation below if you're ready. Registration is non-committal up until both parties agree to proceed with a refugee family placement.


Mentor Family Network Organization (MFNO). A federally registered not-for-profit organization whose team is dedicated to providing aid and assistance and settlement services for refugees and those seeking asylum in Canada. The MFNO has applied for charitable status in Canada.