There are so many ways to help - why use the Mentor Family Network Organization?

Safe, monitored and supported temporary accommodation to get settled in Canada.

It is a scary thing to come to a new country, traumatized and likely unable to speak the language, this is a very stressful life altering change. 

At MFNO, we want to add piece of mind that refugees have a safe and healthy temporary accommodation that is overseen by Mentors who are experienced in helping with the settlement process. Our accommodations must go through an approval and screening process to be accepted, which includes 'Vulnerable Sector Screening" checks, accommodation inspections, and interview panel processes, along with a hosting agreement must be completed. Mentors must pass the screening, demonstrate means and follow MFNO process and reporting, all activities are journaled, and refugee family support is reviewed regularly with regional leads. 

It our process to ensure the family is temporarily placed in the right supportive environment for their needs with the right mentor. 

Situations change regularly and with a network of temporary housing and mentors, we can adjust and support along with those changes as needed. 

The MFNO approach is qualified, standardized and safe temporary housing and mentored support. Choose MFNO if you want to be sure you have a safe start in Canada. 


Become a Mentor Family

Mentor Families know the lay of the land. They can assist refugees in comfort and reduce stress by assisting even with the basic things. Getting groceries, getting to appointments, completing forms and ensuring they are getting settled. Roles can include:

  • Banking setup
  • Groceries and personal item shopping
  • Temporary accommodation/housing
  • Job placement
  • Transportation
  • and other needs.

The Mentor Family Network Organization in turn supports the Mentor Family. Through resources, translators (if required), sourcing of items and supplies, funding (as required), and other association connections.

A mentor family can take on more than one refugee family depending on their capabilities and available time. It is also not necessary for a Mentor Family to provide accommodation or housing, however, it is the preferred and most needed approach. 

For more information about how we support Mentor Families, and how you can provide support to refugees needing a place to live, please contact us at the below email.

Donate Accommodation Only

Donate Your Accommodation

Donated accommodation can take many forms: house, shared room in a house, rental unit, etc. This is one of the primary ways you can help. Temporary and permanent accommodation is the most limiting factor in helping refugees arrive and get settled on their way to independence.  This can be in any major urban area that has public transportation (needed for refugees to get to work, appointments, etc.). 

Not sure, you can register and go through the approval process with us, without committment or email us and ask questions about what you're considering and we'll help in explaining the options and requirements.

MFNO will profile your specific accommodation, your requirements, discuss your expectations and explain how the process works all committment free, you can withdraw at any time during the approval process. 

Register your interest today so we can reach out to you!


Volunteer or Provide a Service

Are you a company or individual who has the time or service that could change the life of incoming refugees?

Personal Volunteers can:

  • Donate time to simply help get things done
  • Align your time donation to your skill: marketing, bookkeeping, data entry, networking, driving, translating, etc.
  • Join a committee responsible for collecting aid, supplies, and food to deliver to refugees

Companies can:

  • Provide employment for refugees
  • Provide housing or accommodation
  • Provide food, personal items, clothing or other donations
  • Provide transportation
  • or... if you think it will help and it's not listed here, call us to see how we can use your service. 



The MFNO accepts donations in several different forms and in a way that matches your desire to help. Companies or individuals can:

  • General donatation to MFNO
    • This category is used for anything that requires funds to be completed which is not covered by one of the other categories. It's a general category and can be applied anyway as funds allow.
  • Donate specifically to Shelter & Housing
    • Not all accommodations or housing are donated, and some costs may be incurred to support refugee living. Donate directly to help ensure a refugee family has a place to live.
  • Donate to Settlement Support
    • Providing settlement support through access to education, counseling, and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need, including language instruction, employment training, job search programs, translation services, referral services, and information programs on Canadian culture and life.
  • Donate to Aid & Assistance
    • Provide aid and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in the form of food, clothing, child care needs, and other supplies as required.
  • Donate to Whatever is needed most
    • Life is dynamic, especially for refugees. Emergencies and areas that need assistance can change day to day and sometimes hour to hour. Take a medical or dental emergency for example, you just never know. 

What you can do to help now:

Sign up to be a Mentor Family or Individual

Mentor Family or Individuals

Mentor Families/Individuals are a networked group of families or individuals who can dedicate time and knowledge of the Canadian landscape to assist arriving refugees integrate quickly and smoothly into the community with the goal of quickly becoming independent. Mentor Families or Individuals can provide or include accommodation, but do not have to. It also helps if they can speak different languages but is not required.

Why the Mentor Family Network?

The Mentor Family Network Organization addresses the need for organized, streamlined management of refugee settlement, enabling mentored progress to refugee independence and integration. 

Our goal is to be integrated into government, other associations, and foundations, while bridging the gap to community support, leveraging the capacity across the country to increase capacity and resilience of Canada's ability to assist in large numbers in a time of need.



Mentor Family Network Organization (MFNO). A federally registered charitable organization (732632203 RR0001) whose team is dedicated to providing aid and assistance and settlement services for refugees and those seeking asylum in Canada.