Chris Ursulak
Chris UrsulakFounder/President/
I am partner in an Ontario Health and Safety company called Barantas Inc. Barantas' mission is to proactively promote and create safe and healthy work environments across Canada through education, training, communication, and design. I started my career after high school in health sciences at the University of Guelph, to help people live better lives, that slowly evolved over the years until I found Barantas, which redirected that desire to working in health and safety - continuing and enhancing my purpose of ensuring people live safe and healthy lives. Through all my years I’ve continued to volunteer my time to organizations which make peoples lives safer (Halton Regional Police, Forestry Safety, Cottage Dreams (Cancer Recovery) and more) and now have added a new volunteer effort to my list which is in line with what I believe to be my life's purpose. It is with great pleasure that I can assist Nadiya and her brother with their dream of helping as many Ukrainians in this time of need as we can, preserving and promoting the Ukrainian culture, history and people.
Daria ChernenkaSecretary-Treasurer/
Daria is an exciting person who has just joined the executive, her story is coming soon!
Nadiya Sytarchuk (Pidperyhora)
Nadiya Sytarchuk (Pidperyhora)Founder/Vice President/
Nadiya came to Canada in 2002 for the Masters World Championship in Cross-country Skiing at Quebec City. Nadiya was born in Ternopil, Ukraine and grew up with her parents who were both teachers. She decided to stay in Canada, later bringing her daughter, and then son to Canada. She has been in Canada ever since, returning to Ukraine when she can, recently visiting for 3 months and returning just prior to the start of the 2022 war. Nadiya is passionate about her country, her people, the architecture, history and culture that is her Ukrainian roots. It is her wish to share with everyone the beauty of what Ukraine is without war, without suffering and to help all Ukrainians who need help in this difficult time.

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The Mentor Family Network Organization addresses the need for organized, streamlined management of refugee settlement, enabling mentored progress to refugee independence and integration.

Our goal is to be integrated into government, other associations, and foundations, while bridging the gap to community support, leveraging the capacity across the country to increase the capacity and resilience of Canada's ability to assist in large numbers in a time of need.

The MFNO is a Charitable Organization in Canada.


Mentor Family Network Organization (MFNO). A federally registered charitable organization (732632203 RR0001) whose team is dedicated to providing aid and assistance and settlement services for refugees and those seeking asylum in Canada.

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