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MFNO March 2023 Official Newsletter

MFNO March 2023 Official Newsletter


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Official News Bulletin


  1. ‍Financial Donations are Urgently Needed
  2. MFNO Site Translation English/French/Ukrainian
  3. Employer Partnerships & LIVE JOB BOARD
  4. ONLINE Refugee Learning & MFNO LMS
  5. Refugee & Community Meet & Greet Day

‍1. Donations Urgently Needed

$100,000 Fundraising Goal

MFNO has been helping Ukrainians trying to reach Canada who desperately needed a place to stay with assistance to start over since March of 2022. In the image above, some of the first to arrive at 2 am in Toronto, had only a school-sized backpack, a water bottle and official papers. 


We receive calls from families with kids stranded at the airport - whose Facebook contacts didn't show up to meet them, and we are called to see if we can help. 


We have created our Mentor Family Network Organization to help displaced Ukrainian people fleeing from the war settle in Canada. Our Ukrainian welcoming program for newly arriving families offers meetings at the airport, applying and getting the first official documents, finding a place to live and job search assistance. 


To date, we are approaching 100 families who have received assistance from MFNO, and over 35 newly arriving families (with 10 of them just in the last month) have chosen MFNO support and settlement guidance in our temporary housing with support from Mentors. 

The Need is Rapidly Growing!

With the changes in the Government of Canada's support for incoming Ukrainians set for March 31st of this year, MFNO has seen our applications starting to double on a weekly basis as the deadline approaches. 

It is only with your support that we can continue to offer safety, security and mentoring to these incoming families as the demand rapidly increases. This help is needed now!

  • What Donations Empower:
    • Obtaining temporary housing for families
    • Aid and supplies for incoming families
    • Development of learning, information and resources to help families get independent as quickly as possible


Please help MFNO help incoming families by donating or offering accommodations.

Visit, or click the link below. 




With the demographic predominantly women and children, we pride ourselves on a safe, secure settlement process on the way to independence. As shown below, through many of the supportive churches, groups and institutions we've partnered with, food, clothing and immediate care supplies can be obtained.

2. MFNO Website Dynamically Available in


It is will great pleasure that we announce our website fully converts live on the fly between Canada's English/French and Ukrainian languages. This translation is live through everything, online learning, jobs, and articles.

Simply touch the flag and convert!

3. Employer Partnerships &  Live Job Board!

MFNO has been steadily building relationships with employers who are eager to hire refugees and very supportive of providing employment to help them become independent. Our relationships have already placed several families with full-time employment connected through our job boards. 


Within a few days, it has proven a valuable resource in helping refugees connect with employers. If you are an employer or know employers able to hire refugees, MFNO has created an online guide in our LMS system detailing registering and posting your first job.


It's super easy - or make it even easier, we'll do it all for you!

Send us the info!

4. MFNO Online Learning Management System

MFNO recognized in coming refugees research and start learning about where they're going, what jobs they can find, and where they'll live long before they arrive in Canada. Even on their first few days in Canada, they continue to read, learn and start to build connections for their success. 


We have listened to their needs and asks, redesigning and building all of these services into one location with dynamic language translation right into MFNO's website. Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows us to build content in an educational, course format, allowing for progression through the material at their own pace, and at any time that is convenient for them, regardless of their location.


We still have many courses to make, but the possibilities for what we can do have really opened up - imagine the possibilities. 


Currently, we are offering:

  • Employer registration and job posted guide
  • How to register for MFNO services for refugees
  • Welcome & Safety Orientations for Refugees in our two primary regions


There is so much more in the planning phase:

  • Full Mentor training and regional guides
  • Job search and resume-building guides
  • Enhance orientations to include information about Canada, culture, further education and opportunities, etc.

5. Refugee & Community - Meet & Greet Day


MFNO is planning meet-and-greet BBQs in various regions we have refugee placements. The purpose is to facilitate community among refugees in the area, as well as invite local government representatives, MFNO partners and employers, and volunteers to enjoy an afternoon of building relationships and understanding. 

MFNO will be sending out invites to key persons as the event approaches.

If you wish to be on the invite list, please email


Attendance requires registration but there is no charge to attend.



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